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More than a decade ago, Lucy Nunes saw the need in her community to have a cleaning company with dedicated, hard working people offering reliable, trustworthy cleaning services. Her goal has always been to provide a level of service that would exceed her client’s expectations and become their cleaning service company for life. After all, she is also part of the community and she considers her customers more than just clients, they are also her neighbors.

Her philosophy is that a home, or even an office, is a very personal space, and that by providing a high level of service she is contributing to making that space more comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing.

When Ms. Nunes started Lucy’s Cleaning Company many years ago, she quickly earned a reputation for providing outstanding service on her own to many clients around the bay. A few short years later her business grew so much that she realized that it was time to expand and begin hiring and training a professional staff on how to provide the same level of personal service. Now, thanks to the support of many wonderful, satisfied clients in the community, she has grown to the full size company of today.

Due to the rapid growth and high demand, Lucy expanded her business with a new look and a new name: Spotless Cleaning Services. And, while the name may be new, the quality of service and dedication is exactly the same as when she started her business those many years ago.

Lucy’s goal now is to become the most trusted name for cleaning service companies in San Francisco and Marin County. If this is your first time learning about Ms. Nunes and Spotless Cleaning Services, we invite you to contact us to schedule a cleaning for your home or office. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority because we want to be your cleaning service company for life! We hope to hear from you soon!

Spotless Cleaning Service is fully bonded and insured, providing worker’s compensation and we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!

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